Gilster-Mary Lee is a leading Private Label food manufacturer, headquartered in Chester, Illinois, a small, southern Illinois town located on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

Gilster produces over 8,000 items in over 500 different private label brands, as well as its own Hospitality label.  Approximately 3,000 employees work in 14 different manufacturing facilities across four states. The company-owned truck fleet delivers products daily throughout the US and Canada, as well as shipments destined for markets throughout the world.

To offer the best possible combination of 
quality, service, and value in the products 
we provide to our customers.

Phone: 618-826-2361 ~ Fax: 618-826-2973 ~ Email:

Corporate Address ~ P.O. Box 227, 1037 State Street ~ Chester, Illinois  62233

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